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Prepping and jabbing

I went to go and get the first of my injections yesterday… hadn’t really considered that that would make wheeling a bit ouchy today. Maybe next time they can jab me in my butt? Luckily I was already up to date on many of my jabs so the only two I have to get (and pay for) are Hep B and Rabies, and maybe Japanese Encephalitis. I’m not usually one to worry about medical risks that much, having signed my life away in consent forms more times than I care to remember, but hearing the nurse tell me that I would die in 24 hours if I got bit by a rabid dog and didn’t get treatment at a major medical centre was a little bit terrifying!

Trying to sort out my medication is going to be one of the major preparation issues for my trip. Not only can I not take some of the antimalarials due to other things I’m on but I’m also taking out so much medication I think I’m going to need an exemption certificate from the home office. I should probably also think about a plan B in case my bags get lost/stolen but the research I’ve done so far has proved relatively inconclusive on how readily I will be able to get all my prescription medications in various parts of Asia.

I’ve bought my bag as well. Pretty exciting stuff. I can only carry a 50L pack so trying to cram all the medication in plus the millions of pairs of pants I will be sure I need is going to be a real challenge. It’s looking very likely I’ll have a bag of camera equipment, medication and basically no clothes. It’ll be a cracking look!

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    so that other wheelchair travellers can find you easily. :-)

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